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She is an Assistant Professor of English in Vasant KanyaMahavidylaya, Kamachha. Her Ph.D. dissertation is on “Consumer Capitalism and Nature on the Fiction of Ron Rash” from Banaras Hindu University. She is a lover of beauty and nature and was deeply moved by landscape-mysticism and eco-spirituality while she was working on her thesis. She voices her concern for the conservation of nature in several of her papers published in various reputed International journals and books. She also works for women rights and safety working with various Social Organizations like Usha Foundation. She is a member of Udaan (The College Women Cell). Living in Kashi, the land of spirituality she has also delved deep into mysticism and spirituality and is also a member of Indian Section of Theosophical Society. Culturally rooted in the Indian literary tradition she is currently translating short-stories from Hindi to English.


डॉ.रन्जना  कण्ठ
जन्म तिथि – 17.06.1964
असिस्टेंट प्रोफेसर , बी.एड.विभाग
रांची विमेन्स कॉलेज,रांची(झारखण्ड)
शोध का विषय -“फणीश्वरनाथ रेणु की कहानियों में लोक-संवेदना”
प्रकाशन – दृष्टिपात, अनिल-संदेश, क्रॉस-फायर प्रभात – खबर सहित कई अन्य पात्र पत्रिकाओ में लेख , शोध पत्र  कहानियां आदि प्रकाशित ।